House of Treasures

You know you’re in for a special one this month- the welcome rug is out at a veritable ‘Aladdin’s cave’ where elegant and quirky sit comfortably side by side and if you’re up to discovering a trove of timeless treasures, read on!

Few places would dare to promise you “the best things in the world,” but then, few places have the artistic flair or the sweeping geographical reach of House of Treasures. To walk through the large antique door boasting an intricate design is to enter an ancient and exotic world; a world where the continents not so much collide as weave together in a stunning tapestry of aesthetic wonder and pure, unalloyed pleasure.

Tucked away in the quiet canopied area along Dagoretti road, Karen, opposite The Hub, House of Treasures is the brainchild of mother and daughter team, Janet Hurt and Sasha Horner, who have been quietly travelling the world in search of treasure. They have trawled the antique markets and bazaars of Africa, Asia, Latin America- from the markets of Timbuktu, the souks of Samarkand to the bazaars of Bali to bring Nairobians a true ‘one-stop shop’, filling it literally floor to ceiling with an exquisite and eclectic selection of merchandise.

And what treasures! From startling beautiful jewellery to antique furniture, no treasure hunter worth his salt will remain unmoved here. From the moment you walk into the main gallery, you enter a whirl of exquisite craftsmanship and head-spinning beauty. And of course, an inevitable personal whirl of ‘wouldn’t that look great in my living room’ temptation.

The place is so well laid out that you will find it easy to explore as you feast your eyes literally on hundreds of gift ideas. An extravagance of concepts occupies the cavernous store- inspiring magic and fantasy- two floors devoted to jewellery and designer apparel, soft furnishings, decorative furniture and an original choice of well-priced home accessories.

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Having collaborated with local designers, House of Treasures can now source not only unusual and exotic goods from around the globe, but an extensive range of locally produced goods; modern furniture, architectural pieces, innovative and contemporary fashion and jewellery Africana artefacts, art and photography, stunning fabrics & an outstanding variety of household accessories.

Remarkably, the treasures you will find here are affordable! As Sasha likes to put it, there’s something for everyone! While the antique chests, centenarian cots and fantastical palace-ware do go for relatively princely sums, there is much here that’s well within reach for us ordinary mortals. From fine brass candlesticks to bulbous silver fruit bowls, beautiful brass ships’ lamps and glass ‘mosque lanterns’ to old wooden wheels mounted on cast-iron stems, The House of Treasures has a quirky artefact, a dramatic adornment or a dazzling antique to brighten even the dullest setting.

And then there are several homemaking ‘musts’ that will give your house a comfortable lift and a classy, worldly-wise look for a handful of shillings; brass and silver–plated shells from Bali, cushion covers embroidered with gold threads from India, double-woven cotton hammocks from Mexico, scented herbal candles from Tanzania, giant coconut-shell ice buckets, recycled paper photo albums, mother-of-pearl salad spoons and chopsticks- the list is as extensive as it is exotic.

The fashion side of things is just as comprehensive, from free flowing Indian Lunghis to classically funky garments by renowned designers, as well as a wide range of hand embroidered cotton shirts and exclusive men pieces.

And if you’re in the market for a six-figure olivewood bed, you’ll definitely need some Conran sheets or an embroidered Hermes counterpane with matching cushions to go with it. While the Hurts cannot promise you the actual brand labels, they have had considerable success tracing down the suppliers of many of the same fabrics sold by the big fashion houses- Kenzo, Versace, Mulberry, Armani- and can offer you several items currently appearing in Europe’s high streets- at a fraction of the price. Moreover, the pair is passionate about interior design and should you need advice on setting up your home, or are seeking unique, one-off pieces of furniture- such as a 100 year old wooden rocking crib, environmentally- sound African tables and beds, or a chandelier from the palace of a Maharajah, you need look no further.

House of Treasures is far from simply a vanity fair for wealthy residents and Nairobi expatriates feathering their new nests. Lodge and restaurant owners looking to upgrade their décor will find a host of new exciting ideas here- from ornately carved Rajashtani doors and pillars to a wide variety of creative sisal furniture and lighting from Décor Interiors. And tour operators could do no better than bring their guests here, to browse the extensive selection of ‘olde Africana’- ceremonial Dinka corsets, Toposa Buffalo- hide shields, pipes made from Sudanese rifle cartridges- local fabrics and hand-thrown pottery.

And anyone getting married would certainly get their new life-and their new home- off to a comfortable start if they were to place their wedding list at House of Treasures. Surely even one’s tightest friends would stretch to one of those wonderful Mexican hammocks…..

This November the 25th, House of  Treasures will be having a Christmas Auction from 3pm – 8pm. The auction will be followed by the launch of their new Christmas collections of furniture, fashion, home décor, jewellery, Christmas decorations and gift ideas from 5pm.

There’ll be varied and enticing items to be auctioned; from carved furniture & architecture pieces to be beautiful home décor items; group games to spoiling Christmas hampers; exciting plane tickets to divine jewellery; enchanting beach & bush weekend packages to superb paintings; healthy yoga & Pilates packages to romantic dinners; gorgeous fashion & fashion accessories to intricate chandeliers; beautiful bronzes to pampering beauty treatments and secret Santa stockings to alternative naughty gifts.

Private viewing will be possible from the 23rd of November up until the auction starts.

House of Treasures is located at No.70 Dagoretti Road, less than half a kilometer from Karen Roundabout.
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