The time of our lives in Diani

You can go by a 45 minutes flight. You can easily drive. You can come by SGR. But now, convenience is no longer the only reason to pick Diani for your next holiday- our newly discovered luxury holiday villa is.

To be fair, Villa Raymond isn’t exactly new. And it’s no secret spot, either; the incredible reviews on Trip Advisor clearly show it’s a favourite for many holiday makers. But this stunning holiday villa we recently visited has gotten a complete luxury overhaul, and it’s now at the top of our preferred holiday villas in Diani..

A couple of months ago, we touched base with Anita, a lady whose company provides more luxurious hospitality than anything I’ve experienced. Her invitation led to six members of the Karen Inside Out team on SGR (for the first time for all of us), that weekend. The experience was way better than the online SGR reviews we had read. Pick up was organised, the drive was smooth and we arrived just in time.

It was sunset. I watched with an unwavering gaze, as the perfect disc shaped sun dyed the heavens first orange, then red, then dark blue. The pool water gleamed in the last rays of the dying sun. It was magical. I found myself staring at the lustrous grounds and the tasteful villa, basking in warm rays and colour.

The manager, Boniface, and Ruwa (the chef), were absolute stars from the word go. While Ruwa was eager to present the pre-ordered meal, Boniface took us round first.

Sometimes villas can be almost too flashy to relax in. Not this one. Villa Raymond is by all definitions exclusive, with a clean-cut polished look, designer furniture, its spacious areas practically designed- but the contemporary look does not get in the way of comfort.

You walk into an atmosphere of soothing luxury with none of the hushed pomposity often prevalent in high end hotels-you happily just check in and switch off for the duration. The overall effect is the feel that everything is slotted effortlessly into place, with indoor elegance matching with outdoor style and sophistication.

The exclusive structure of the Villa really sells it. Besides the chic, decked pool, there’s a manicured garden, custom-designed for holidaying, with family-friendliness in mind. Light, airy and characterful, the villa offers superb comforts due to the perfect daytime and night time zones layout. The kitchen, dining, lounge, pool and the barbeque area are perfectly linked, but also well separated, allowing guests to make the most of the warm and pleasant climate!

The large and beautiful outdoor kitchen facing the pool is truly world class, featuring the latest in design and finishing. Whether your culinary expertise is limited or you’re an accomplished chef, you’re provided with everything you’ll need in the kitchen. State-of-the-art appliances and devices feature, as well as quality utensils, crockery and cutlery. It is also linked to the dining area, which is furnished with a spectacularly large wooden table, and a matching bench that really define the space. There’s also a chic mini lounge- complete with a flat screen TV, books and well picked games.

Creating the perfect stylish interior is all down to the finer details, and a fusion between elegance and comfort. Well, the bedrooms are a sophisticated sanctuary, combined with a serenity that makes them a haven of tranquillity, and they blend effortlessly with the outdoors. They are simple, elegant and uncluttered, but you still get all the mod cons and high tech touches you’d expect in a modern luxury villa. Chill out on the comfy sofa (one of these sofas converts into a double bed) with a film on 65” Smart TV in the master suite, or use the Bluetooth speakers to fill the room with your favourite music. Soak up in the wine red designer stand-alone bathtub or take a quick shower before checking out the luxurious four poster bed, with beautiful soft cotton linens. Cushions not only match the décor, but are also plush and comfortable.

The guest room is light, airy and lofty, with light curtains that flit prettily on the warm breeze.

We had an alfresco dinner that evening. Ruwa presented a satisfying selection of delicious salads, fresh sea food, and melt-in-your-mouth ice cream.

The next morning, I had my first coffee while sitting in the pool with my colleagues, admiring the sun’s glimmering rays, totally getting spoilt with treats while watching the latest comedy on TV and of course, making plans for the evening.

We still had 3 days to go, so most of our first afternoon was spent sun bathing, reading, napping and practising our photography skills. It was the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with the simpler things in life and it’s hard to imagine a more laid-back yet sophisticated and exclusive retreat than Villa Raymond. Besides, the villa is small enough to make each guest feel special.

Look at these striking photos, can you blame us for extending our stay and missing our Monday meetings!

Fact File

Villa Raymond is located deep in the pristine corners of Diani, offering not only unrivalled coast holiday experience, but it’s also a place where privacy prevails as the utmost extravagance.

This is one of the most luxurious holiday villas in Diani. It features futuristic design and decadent furnishings.
It is primarily self-catering. The chef is arranged on request.

Its features include a stunning swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, barbecue, impressive flat screen TVs, home theatre system, alarm, free fast Wi-Fi (bring your laptop or smart phone), and all the comforts you need to make this your home away from home.

You can access the beach in only a few minutes from the villa.

You can expect excellent and personalised service with house staff who will happily attend to your every need.
The itinerary, customised by Villa Raymond, gives guests a chance to relish local delicacies and visit nearby attractions.

Little touches like daily fresh market supplies, sun downers and night swims make a stay at Villa Raymond truly special.

We would recommend at least 3 days stay at Villa Raymond.

The Villa is perfect for family getaways, reunions, intimate weddings, small corporate events, or a group holiday.
You can check out packages and more information on their website- or call 0712 329 327 for reservations.